Flat Roof Recovering or Overlay Option

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Flat Roof Recovering or Overlay Option

This option is limited to having only one existing roof in place, and the existing insulation is required to be DRY and in good condition. Overlays are typically designed for TPO and PVC single ply membranes.

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Our Safety Roofing Services

  • Cost savings in foregoing costly tear-off and further exposing the building interior.
  • Does not require additional insulation to meet energy codes.
  • Provides same reflectivity as a costly re-roof.
  • Provides full range of Manufacture warranties.


  • Every person hired at Acurva Roofing goes through a new hire orientation which consist of a full range of safety classes with emphasis on fall protection.
  • Maintaining training records and certifications of all employees.
  • Yearly audit for safety training and certifications to ensure they are current for each employee. Acurva Roofing provided the required re-training or refresher courses to keep training and certifications current.
  • Acurva Roofing will maintain a complete safety manual with policies and procedures.
  • Investment in safety equipment



  • Every project has its own unique site-specific safety plan. The written plan will be augmented with a roof plan which illustrates the safety set-up and maintenance of safety equipment.
  • Daily JHA (job hazard analysis) is a form the crew completes together before beginning any shift. This form aids in identifying the hazards and mitigating the hazards before starting work or before a major change in tasks.
  • Acurva Roofing employees a Third-Party Safety Consultant. As part of this arrangement, they perform unannounced site visits. During this visit, the foreman and crew will be coached accordingly followed with a full report and rating system—these reports have digital photos and show corrective actions.
  • Toolbox Talks take place every Friday morning, and the Toolbox “Topic” changes every week. This allows training to occur on a weekly basis and provides a broad base of knowledge. These handouts are signed by attendees and inserted into our safety records.

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