Modified Bitumen Roofing

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Modified Bitumen Roofing

Rubberized asphalt is applied to rolled roofing felts at the factory. Typically, a modified system consists of a minimum of two layers of membrane, a base sheet, and a cap sheet.  Two Types: APP (Atactic Polypropylene) and SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene)

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  • Wide variety of installation methods. Can be set with hot asphalt, cold adhesive or torched in place.
  • Granular cap sheets are available in several colors.
  • Energy Star High Reflectivity Cap Sheets are available.


  • Every person hired at Acurva Roofing goes through a new hire orientation which consist of a full range of safety classes with emphasis on fall protection.
  • Maintaining training records and certifications of all employees.
  • Yearly audit for safety training and certifications to ensure they are current for each employee. Acurva Roofing provided the required re-training or refresher courses to keep training and certifications current.
  • Acurva Roofing will maintain a complete safety manual with policies and procedures.
  • Investment in safety equipment



  • Every project has its own unique site-specific safety plan. The written plan will be augmented with a roof plan which illustrates the safety set-up and maintenance of safety equipment.
  • Daily JHA (job hazard analysis) is a form the crew completes together before beginning any shift. This form aids in identifying the hazards and mitigating the hazards before starting work or before a major change in tasks.
  • Acurva Roofing employees a Third-Party Safety Consultant. As part of this arrangement, they perform unannounced site visits. During this visit, the foreman and crew will be coached accordingly followed with a full report and rating system—these reports have digital photos and show corrective actions.
  • Toolbox Talks take place every Friday morning, and the Toolbox “Topic” changes every week. This allows training to occur on a weekly basis and provides a broad base of knowledge. These handouts are signed by attendees and inserted into our safety records.

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